Pink Room Ideas That Are Loaded With Style

A peach color couch is an almost rosy pink when paired with white walls
 Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

If you are considering designing a pink room, you may be wondering how you can incorporate the color into your home seamlessly. As it turns out, pink pairs wonderfully with a wide range of other colors—green, yellow, and blue, for example.

Pink isn’t just for kids’ rooms or powder rooms—if you’re all about the color, feel free to utilize it in any part of your home, from the kitchen to the garage. Some people even consider pink as a neutral in a room.

Whether you’re looking to go all out and introduce pink paint, furniture, and accessories into a space or simply add some pink elements to a room, we’re here to get you started on the design process.

Read on to take a peek at 22 fabulously designed pink spaces that will have you wanting to redecorate as soon as possible.

  • 01of 22Pink and Green Living Roompink rooms @stayinginstudio / InstagramPink walls shine in this cheerful living room. Even if you don’t want to embrace the bright hue when it comes to your furniture, that’s okay—there are so many colors that complement pink that you really can’t go wrong.Here, forest green adds a moody touch to this otherwise peppy space. Smaller touches of marigold blend in perfectly, too.
  • 02of 22Pink Nookpink rooms @sarahofbramblewood / InstagramThis pink nook is the perfect place to decompress without being overwhelmingly bright. A velvet yellow chair adds a touch of ’70s glam to the setup.
  • 03of 22Pink Sleep Spacepink rooms @thelondonloom / InstagramPink can be an excellent color for bedrooms. Don’t just lay down some pink bedding; go big by painting your walls, adding some colorful curtains and light fixtures, and rolling out a pink throw rug.
  • 04of 22Pink Dining Roompink rooms @kate_hollingsworth_home / InstagramThis pink dining room is ready for a dinner party. Draw inspiration from your favorite restaurants and cafes when designing your own pink eating area.
  • 05of 22Pink and Serenepink rooms @littleterracedhouseonthehill / InstagramThis pink sleep space is so sweet. Soft hues like this one are super serene and make excellent choices for rooms where you hope to unwind; not every shade of pink needs to be ultra bright and bold.
  • 06of 22Festive Pinkpink rooms @iamhayleystewart / InstagramAnother pink dining room is enchanting and makes us want to throw a tea party or champagne-filled celebration. There’s something about the color pink that automatically feels festive.
  • 07of 22Pink Head to Toepink rooms @pink.paperdoll / InstagramIf you’re super dedicated to the color, opt for all pink everything in a room for a monochrome look that makes a bold statement. This works particularly well in bedrooms.
  • 08of 22Hot Pinkpink rooms @dixie.daydream / InstagramPaint is the only way to add instant pizzazz to your space—wallpaper is always an option, too. This pink zebra pattern looks super fun and on-trend.
  • 09of 22Two-Tone Pinkpink rooms @118_thevictorianvilla / InstagramThere’s nothing wrong with a two-tone look. Pair pink with plain white or opt for another hue like mint green, baby blue, or soft yellow.
  • 10of 22Pink and Printspink rooms @imjessicabrigham / InstagramThis pink bedroom sure is sophisticated. Go bold with eye-catching throw pillows as a way to weave in other colors and prints. After all, they always say that leopard is a neutral!
  • 11of 22Nursery No Morepink rooms @nightingalestreet / InstagramThis pink sectional looks inviting and stands out against the blue wall. This living space is proof that pinks and blues are by no means just for the nursery.
  • 12of 22Pink Pattern Playpink rooms @charlottegaisford / InstagramA guest bedroom is a great place to experiment with a new color scheme—and we’re obviously partial to pink. Pattern on pattern shines in this cozy sleep space, which is ultra welcoming and stylish.
  • 13of 22Pink Tilespink rooms @83renovation / InstagramThese pink bathroom tiles add a pop of color and personality to the space. This pink backsplash is sophisticated and proves that bathrooms don’t have to be boring.
  • 14of 22Bubble Gum Pink Paintpink rooms @1920craftsman / InstagramIf your bathroom walls are easy to paint, go ahead and coat them in a bubble gum pink. Small accessories like artwork and plants add extra charm and charisma to even the littlest of bathrooms.
  • 15of 22Pink Kitchenpink rooms @the_koo_koo_nest_ / InstagramCooking in a pink kitchen is way more fun. When you think about how much time you spend on meal prepping and cleaning up each day, there’s no reason to skimp on your kitchen design.
  • 16of 22Pink on Pinkpink rooms @pippas.pad / InstagramHot pink, coral, and Barbie pink: such a stunning combination that we never saw coming. Various pink tones look fabulous grouped in this little vignette.
  • 17of 22Pink Blisspink rooms @colour_with_annie / InstagramSoft pinks and beautiful black and white tile make this bathroom appear spa-like and sophisticated. The perfect spot for relaxing after a long day.
  • 18of 22Pink Gallery Wallpink rooms @colour_with_annie / InstagramA pink wall makes for a fun backdrop to display colorful prints and drawings. This gallery wall, which hangs in a little girl’s room, is full of inspiration and cheer.
  • 19of 22Pink and Scallopspink rooms @colour_with_annie / InstagramHere’s a fun twist on a two-tone look. Pink and green are even more playful of a combo when a scalloped design is involved.
  • 20of 22Pink and Animal Printpink rooms @sixtysevenbelmont / InstagramOnce again, we see pink paired with animal print and it doesn’t disappoint. The warm orange tones look wonderful with the colors featured on the wallpaper and complement the rattan mirror hanging in the space as well.
  • 21of 22Pink, Black, and Whitepink rooms Laquita TatePair pink with black and white for a contemporary-looking space that isn’t too vibrant yet still has a playful side. Hints of gold, such as the stunning mirror and the lamp, also add something a little extra to the room.
  • 22of 22Pink Sofapink rooms @home_n_tidy_with_heidi / InstagramWhat’s better than relaxing on a pink, cushy couch at the end of a long day? This one plays off the classic Chesterfield shape with a much more colorful twist.


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